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Does This Cycle Sound Familiar?

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

Over 13 years ago, I was trapped in a series of bad-fit jobs and wrapped up in a career lifestyle that was eroding my soul. This was at a time that I thought was the "peak" of my career. I was in the corner office at the top of the tower, recently promoted, making a great salary with dream benefits.

I was climbing the ladder, but I was also climbing the walls.

At my lowest points, one thing I did was scroll and scroll. Endlessly. Not through social media, but through job descriptions. I'd look for combos of keywords, try on different titles and I'd even fantasize about telling my boss I was moving on and making my exit.

I know now that what I was searching for during those hours of scrolling wasn't so much about the job, I was looking for hope. I was looking for purpose. I was looking for freedom.

But, here's what I learned. No job could ever fix my broken spirit or change the fact that I was in a career and lifestyle that was out of alignment with who I was and what I was created for.

Jumping to a new job looked great on paper, but it only prolonged my agony. What I really needed was to be working on my own terms. But first I needed to define those terms and understand what my values really were and ultimately own, accept and embrace what truly mattered to me.

As we bring in new members to A Life Unleashed, we see some who come in certain that a new shiny job is just gonna fix everything. Some of us took a long road to figuring things out, but at A Life Unleashed, we've since taken what we've learned to create a community and a program that's all about getting past the shiny-job syndrome and into defining what's really at the heart of the misery and trap of a toxic career.

The best part...

Inside our community, members rethink and reinvent how they make their living.

So, if you find yourself scrolling for hope, join our waitlist. We're adding new events and programs every week and we can't wait to help you find your life that's finally unleashed.

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