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It's official: you're not crazy.

You know what we're talking about. That nagging feeling that something is just way off in your career. Like there's a whole other world out there that you should be living in.

Even if you could put it into words, no one else around you would understand.


Stop feeling like the weirdo.

There are other high-performing professionals who feel the same as you do: trapped in a career they hate and unable to leave because it's what "makes sense."

Welcome to
A Life Unleashed

We're a community of professionals who are ready for a serious change. We share, commiserate, and lift each other up so that no member is left behind.

Our mission: for every member to find a life and career that's finally unleashed!

Our members don't just quit their jobs because they feel trapped—no, they reinvent the way they make their living so they no longer feel stuck in someone else's idea of success.


Get ready to live and work on your own terms.

Together, as a community, we:

  • define what "working on your own terms" really means to us.

  • push each other to unleash new life goals and discoveries that we've avoided while feeling trapped.

  • create healthier lifestyles and habits that are aligned with who we really are.

  • awaken deeper, more meaningful relationships with God, spouses, parents, children and friends.

What you can expect in your first month...

Through our private online community, courses, events and modules, you'll discover:


  • what exactly makes you feel trapped in your job. 

  • what your true mission-critical requirements are for your work life.

  • values that you can't compromise in your professional life.

  • the options available to you going forward.

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