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Deana's Story

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Years ago, I was trapped in a series of jobs that were eroding my soul.


"I was climbing the ladder, but I was also climbing the walls."


I was chronically ill, ridiculously depressed and numbing myself with food and destructive habits. One day, as I headed out the door, I threw down my car keys, surrendered, and begged God to show me a better path.


Weeks later, viral pneumonia brought my life (and work) to a standstill.

It was an answered prayer.

During that time, I came to grips with an overwhelming reality: I could never go back.

I left that toxic cycle to finally pursue a path that was much more aligned with my personality, my values and my God-given gifts.


I started as a freelancer, evolved into a consultant, and then moved into a full-fledged business where I welcomed others into the fold. For more than twelve years, my path of professional independence has not only sustained me financially — but released me into a life free from corporate chaos and filled with the freedom to finally live as God intended.


And, now, I want to help others do the same — whether as an employee, contractor or business owner.

Join us and let's go find your life that's finally unleashed.

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