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Do you feel trapped in your job or career?

Make 2023 the year you move from feeling trapped — to living and working on

your own terms.

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You probably have a lot swirling through your head...

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"It's too late to make a change."

“My career and workplace are killing my spirit. There has to be more than this.”

“I feel like I’m living someone else’s life.”

"What's wrong with me?

I have a 'good job,' with solid pay and benefits. Yet, I'm miserable."

"Am I just broken?"

"No amount of money is worth this pain."

"This just isn’t who God created me to be."

“I may be better off working independently. But, I need help finding out and seeing what that would look like.”

“I’m crying all the time. I’m miserable to be around. Heck, I don’t even like being around myself right now.”

“My physical health is a disaster. I’m sick all the time and I don’t have the time and energy to take care of myself. I need a reset button.”

There is a better life waiting for you.

Right’re’re unsettled.

But, it does not have to be this way. You can get off this insane hamster wheel and create the time, the space and the focus to take care of your physical health, your emotional freedom and – spiritually – find meaningful connection and honor who you were created to be.


Because you were created for greatness. Make no mistake.  

Not for mediocrity. Not for wandering aimlessly.


For greatness. 

It's why I created A Life Unleashed

Hi, I'm Deana. Throughout my career, I’ve successfully helped countless professionals escape jobs or careers that were confining and suffocating.


After all, I had been down that same road. I was trapped in a series of jobs that were quite literally eroding my soul.

Copy of I was climbing the ladder. But, I was also climbing the walls.png

In 2009, after recovering from yet another round of viral pneumonia (my health suffered for decades), I left my high-paying "traditional" job – which released me into a life free from corporate chaos and filled with the freedom to finally live as God intended. I first ventured out as consultant, quickly expanded into a business, hired contractors and have been thriving as an agency owner ever since. Did I have to make sacrifices along the way? Yup. Is every day easy? Nope. Is it all worth it? Absolutely. 


Since my escape, I’ve coached countless professionals as they navigate their own toxic careers. For some, I help them become empowered employees — owning what matters to them and drawing new boundaries. For others, I help them move into new independence as freelancers, consultants and business owners. I’ve even coached executives in the art of breaking away from conventional career-thinking so they can reinvent how they make a living.


Recently, I took the mission-critical things I learned over the years and packaged them for an inaugural group to test. The goal was to see whether a program could help launch professionals onto new paths that were no longer soul-sucking, but life giving.


And it worked.


Not only are our members successfully transitioning to career freedom, they’re helping each other in the process. Different industries. Different skills. Different paths. But, they all share one common goal: creating a life that’s finally unleashed. Together, they're unleashing new health, new spirituality, new drive and new purpose.


For a limited time, we're opening our membership back up to the public. Don't miss out. Doors close again soon!


Are you ready for A Life Unleashed? I can’t wait to see you inside.

Inside A Life Unleashed

Unleash U Icon.png

Unleash U.
(Learning Modules)

  • 11+ Modules

  • 45+ Video Lessons

  • 15+ Workbooks & Worksheets

  • New content added monthly.

Every membership includes ongoing access to Unleash U. - a comprehensive program where you'll transform into career freedom — one step at a time.


Work at your own pace, repeat as often as you'd like and join live sessions to collaborate, gain support and continue your momentum towards freedom.

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The Course


The Community that "Gets it."

Monthly Bonus Modules & Live Events

Join the community of professionals who are making serious change — living a life that isn’t ruled by their jobs.


Our platform is off social. No lurkers. No ads. No distractions. No algorithms.  Best of all, no judgment. Just unrelenting support in breaking free from living someone else's life and finding your own.

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The ALU Community

Living a life that's unleashed is only good if you stay there. Our monthly modules and live events include topics such as:

  • Embracing Imperfection

  • What's Your Venn? (Unique Blend)

  • Sticking to Your Goals (WOOP!)

  • Spiritual Gifting

  • Reframing Your Fears

  • What Makes You Tick 

  • Live Prayer Sessions

  • Featured professionals already "off the leash"

  • Your Values: When You’re Living in Them, When You’re Living Against Them

  • Life Gaps and Goals Accountability Calls

  • From Detox to Discernment