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Real People. Real Results.

Our community is 100% private and off-social – so we protect the names of our members as they transition into their new lives. But, read their stories.


A Life Unleashed transforms careers and lives!

Freed from a toxic job cycle

“A Life Unleashed (ALU) has reignited my belief in the values that I hold dear. I had almost given up — and thought that a career that aligned with my skills, gifts, and priorities was a fairy tale. ALU helped me see the possibilities in a different light and to not sell myself short. Ultimately, I found the confidence to finally go after the job I really wanted — and land it! This job represents a significant shift in my professional identity and I am very grateful to A Life Unleashed for helping me confirm my gifts and my needs as I sought to free myself from perpetually terrible employment situations.”  

Ready to work on her own terms

“Since joining ALU, I have done some crazy things (the good kind of crazy) that I never thought I would have the confidence to do. I’ve realized my values, come face to face with the decision to reprioritize things in my life, found an advocate in myself, and have been able to set boundaries that I never in a million years would have considered before. To anyone considering joining, if you are at a point where you are ready to commit to drafting your own set of terms and conditions for your career there is no better place to start!” 

Taking deliberate steps to a new career

“No other book, podcast, assessment, teacher, etc. has made me face my motivations, fears, barriers, and values like ALU has. It has been so liberating to finally talk about the topics that are taboo in the workplace. Through the program I have learned so much about myself and it has been the single biggest driver in my decision-making as I take deliberate steps toward a career transition.”

From a cycle of doubt to a circle of support

"Having such an amazing group of like-minded individuals as an unconditional support system has been invaluable. Not just for the words of encouragement, but more importantly for the different perspectives and commitment to operating from a place of honesty. ALU has helped me perform a root cause analysis on my own professional pains and given me insightful data that I can work with and apply in my professional and personal life."

Getting to the heart of what she wants

"Having people around you to validate your ideas and questions as you re-evaluate your professional life is a total game changer. ALU helps you get to the heart of what you want and need out of a career."

Freed from career chaos

"Finally, I feel like I can get off the hamster wheel and onto the path God chose for me. Being 'unleashed' is about so much more than landing the 'right' job. It's about finding new space, building margin and creating a silence so I can finally listen, hear, and honor what I was created for — greatness.

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