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Your career transformation starts here.

Join us for Unleash U. 

In this transformational course, you'll:

  1. Own your terms

  2. Awaken your "why"

  3. Embrace your options

  4. Prepare for life off the leash

  5. Unleash your freedom

  6. Unlimit your future

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First, imagine living and working on your own terms. What exactly would that mean to YOU?  We’ll help you take a step back from the everyday and get a bird’s eye view of what really matters to you — and why you might be feeling at odds with your work.


Next, we’ll dig up those values that are critical to your core being and get them down on paper.

Finally, we’ll use these new insights to better evaluate new opportunities or ideas that come your way.

No more throwing career spaghetti at the wall.


In this module, you will:

  • Design your own job requirements with the help of over 50+ prompts in 9 categories. 

  • Define and rank the personal values so critical to your core being.​

  • Measure point-by-point alignment of your current, past, or future roles.

Exploring Your Job Options

In this module, we'll explore your options for the future.


You can compare and contrast a traditional job with life as an independent professional (consultant, contractor) or life as a business owner.

This module includes customizable exploration to answer questions such as:

  • What options do I have moving forward?

  • How do I evaluate options based on  my exact situation?

  • How do I decide which option(s) are right for me?

Alignment Module
Job Options

Personal Inventory

When you're ready for a life that's unleashed, you have to begin with a foundation of the things you know about yourself.

During this module, we'll help you build your personal inventory, including:

  • Owning what you love.

  • Accepting what you don't.

  • Challenging yourself to nurture the things you're curious to explore.

We'll also take an inventory of your Power Skills that will supercharge your value in the marketplace — regardless of whether you choose to remain an employee or venture out on your own.

Smiling Professional Female

No other book, podcast, assessment, teacher, etc. has ever made me face my motivations, fears, barriers, and values in a way that truly generated honest and meaningful conversation. The ALU modules were the perfect framework and guidance for slowing down and taking a methodical approach. The cohort provided the safe and supportive space to have important realizations and often raw emotions. It has been so liberating to finally talk about the topics that are taboo in the workplace. Through the course and bonus modules I have learned so much about myself and it has been the single biggest driver in my decision-making as I take deliberate steps toward a career transition. 

Member since January 2022

Personal Inventory

Explore Your Expertise

Don't think of yourself as an expert? You are!


This module will help you uncover and delve deeper into the expertise you've built over time (whether you've developed it personally or professionally). 


Embracing your expertise will open up even more options as you find career freedom. 

In this module you'll learn how to:

  • Recognize your expertise and how it relates to your passions.

  • Own your expertise and decide where to take it next.

  • Use your expertise in new ways. 

  • Explore the many ways to share your expertise with the world.


Bonus Module

What's Your Venn?

Everyone's got one! That unique, "special blend" of expertise.


In this module, we'll help you:

  • Pinpoint the ways your expertise areas overlap and interact.

  • Identify the value of your unique combination of skills and experiences.

  • Distill your blended areas of expertise into a "Venn diagram" that communicates the value of your expertise in a clear and succinct way.


Why Do You Feel Trapped?

Get ready to get real with yourself. In order to rethink and reinvent how you make a living, it's important to explore and understand how you got to feeling "trapped" in the first place. Plus, understanding keep you from jumping right back into the same trap.

In this module you will:


  • Explore the six most common reasons professionals feel trapped.

  • Understand the subtle difference between independence and "income dependence."

  • Reframe "why" you choose to work instead of why you have to.


Your Well-Being

When we feel trapped or stuck in our career, we can often let so many other life areas fall to the wayside. As we venture into a life that's unleashed, it's important to pay attention to our well-being.

In this module you will:


  • Identify key areas of your life you want to track and pay attention to.

  • Formulate goals for specific areas and identify one habit you can build that will help you get closer to achieving that goal.

Why Trapped
Professional Woman

A Life Unleashed (ALU) has reignited my belief in the values that I hold dear. I had almost given up — and thought that a career that aligned with my skills, gifts, and priorities was too much of a fairy tale. The conversations within ALU helped me see the possibilities in a different light and gave me the confidence to not sell myself short. Ultimately, I found the confidence to finally go after the job I really wanted — and land it! Stay the course, my friends!  As an impatient person who likes everything to happen all at once, I am now a believer that small incremental changes really do make all the difference.  

Member since January 2022

Bonus Module

Embracing Imperfection

It's easier said than done. Perfectionism plagues the best of us. But sweeping it under the carpet will not quiet your inner critic — in fact, many experts say it'll only make that voice louder.

In this module you will:

  • Learn about the "Inner Critic Parts."

  • Recognize your own inner critics and how they show up in your life.

  • Become familiar with the science behind perfectionism.

  • Experience what it's like to be curious rather than defensive when the inner critic gets loud.


Preparing For Life Off the Leash

Obliterate your overwhelm. Defeat your doubt. Put a stop to procrastination. Sure, preparing includes planning, but it also means confronting your fears, head on!

In this module you will:

  • Face the biggest fear we all have.

  • Tackle the biggest "reframe" of all.

  • Dig into your needs vs. your wants.

Bonus Module

Know Your Number

Most professionals who feel trapped in a bad-fit job or career say they feel leashed to a specific level of income and don't feel like it's an option to "go back." This module challenges that thinking and walks through the importance (and how-to's) of choosing your income, instead of chasing it.


Your 1-Page Plan

Now it's time to take what you've learned to date and begin pulling it together to get a bird's eye view of where you're headed. 

Your one-page plan will vary, depending on what path you feel aligns best with you: employed but unleashed, independent professional, or business owner.

In this module you will:

  • See where you've been in a scannable, digestible format so you can stay motivated and focused for the journey ahead.

  • Uncover critical action items

  • Strategize, plan and prepare using step-by-step worksheets and examples.


Bonus Module

Sticking to Your Goals

Throughout this course, you'll be tackling a lot in a short amount of time.


One challenge you'll face is staying motivated as you work toward your dreams and goals. Luckily, we found a quick and highly effective method for keeping yourself on track.

In this module you will:

  • Visualize a specific dream or goal around  your life that's unleashed. 

  • Notice and identify the things that might not help you achieve those goals or dreams.

  • Create a strategy for how you'll overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Unleash Your Freedom

Now it's time to make it happen! We'll help you formulate an exit plan and your plan for what's ahead. From drawing on your faith, to determining you inner circle of support, you'll learn to trust that this is a process and a mindset more than a destination.

In this module you will:

  • Identify your Circle of Support.

  • Write your resignation.


Unlimit Your Future 

Now that you're unleashed, it's time to zero in on areas of your life that you can finally begin improving and tackling -- including health, spirituality, relationships. By this time, you're learning how to live in this new space and freedom. It can take some getting used to!

In this module you will:

  • Establish a wellness and balance baseline.

  • Participate in accountability groups and forums.

  • Set monthly priorities and goals.

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