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Career Freedom: 4 Tips to Avoid a Scam

A few weeks ago, I listened empathetically while on a Discovery Call with a gentleman. He shared with me his eye-opening experience with a program he had recently joined, hoping it would help him break out of his career rut. Instead, he found himself cornered, losing not just his hard-earned money and time but also his heart's peace.

A Lesson Learned

The group he joined promised growth but delivered nothing close to it. They strung him along their defined path, forcing their agenda upon him rather than helping him chart his own course. What infuriates me is that he was already feeling trapped when he joined, looking for a way out, only to find himself trapped all over again. It's criminal.

I share this cautionary tale with you because I understand how restricting it can feel when you're stuck in your career, feeling like there's no way out. You want to believe the promises.

1) Remember, this is about you, not them.

If you're seeking a coach, course, or program to help you find career freedom, make sure they put your agenda first — not theirs.

2) Beware of tempting promises.

When considering a program or coach, ask them about their timelines, processes, and expectations for the first month. If they start making extravagant promises, dangle dollar signs, or talk about kickbacks and commissions, be wary. Those are the red flags indicating they're more interested in their gain than in your growth.

3) Look for genuine growth in their plan.

Find an approach that starts with aligning your work with your purpose and your values. The right coach or program will also help you tap back into your “why,” not just their "what.”

4) Find those who've tackled multiple career transitions.

Reclaiming a career can take different paths — as an employee, entrepreneur or an independent professional. Make sure the program is modeled around milestones that resonate with you.

They'll acknowledge that there's no single path to your goal and ensure their support is uniquely designed for your journey.

In the end, choose milestones over promises

Promises can be tempting. They can make the road seem easy. But more often than not, they can lead you back to feeling constrained. I urge you, in your next step and your next chapter, to look for milestones rather than empty promises. Seek tangible markers of progress on your path to change.

Remember, the goal at A Life Unleashed is to help you find your path, release your potential, and guide you towards a career that genuinely fulfills you, without offering a one-size-fits-all solution. Our mission is to support you in achieving your unique milestones, not ours.

Your journey, your goal, your success—that's our shared agenda. Want to see how we work? Check our our new private coaching packages. We'd love to help you on your journey to getting unleashed!

Ready to take the first step on your personalized journey towards career fulfillment? Let's start today.

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