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Is Clarity Week Right For You?

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

If you're feeling trapped in your job or career, there's probably a lot swirling in your head.

You may think it's just too late to make a change, or that it's just gonna take too much effort, or like the window of opportunity is closing. And sure, you might crave more meaning in your work. But, is that even possible?

And, you may have even convinced yourself that you just want too much. You're idealistic... or you just have unrealistic expectations.

Maybe you even have days where you just wonder if you're just plain broken.

You feel like you've lost your soul on the way to work and so has everyone around you. Yet everyone seems to be okay with this mediocrity and this empty way of life and this madness. Everyone, except you.

Perhaps you wonder if the paycheck is even worth it.

And, like you're a failure if you even think about making any less for the sake of your sanity.

Chances are the stress has spilled out into the rest of your life too. Physically, you're nowhere near healthy. Emotionally, you find yourself in an absolute rage one day and tears the next.

Spiritually, your faith and your beliefs are just buried underneath all this stress of survival. And, even though you're far along in your career, and you've been successful in other people's eyes, you still wonder,

"What do I even want anymore?"

"Should I go out on my own?"

"What am I good at?"

"What do I even enjoy?"

Listen up. It does not have to be this way.

You absolutely can get off this hamster wheel and create the time, space and focus to take care of your physical health, find emotional freedom and — spiritually — find meaningful connection and honor who you really are.

You can move from feeling broken to feeling whole, purpose-driven and connected to the greatness that you were created for — because you were created for greatness. Make no mistake. Not for mediocrity. Not for wandering aimlessly.

Your weekends can be richer and fuller. Your Sundays don't have to be blue or tear-filled and you don't have to get that "pit" in your stomach. Imagine if, on Sundays, you had anticipation of the week ahead — where you have fresh new possibilities to serve others with joy because it feels natural and it's just who you are.

You can move from the endless job searches and scrolling — hoping, "Oh is this the job that's gonna save me? " Instead you can calmly and intentionally make your next move.

There is a better life waiting for you, where you can move from this feeling of being trapped to finally living and working on your own terms. We call it living a life unleashed. And it all starts with one step: Clarity.

At A Life Unleashed, we help professionals move from feeling trapped, numb or misunderstood to feeling excited, alive and focused as they find their career freedom. Personally, I have helped countless professionals escape jobs or careers that were confining or suffocating for them, some of them even before I made my own escape.

Yes, I myself was absolutely trapped in a series of jobs that were quite literally just eroding my soul.

The way I put it:

I was climbing the ladder, but I was also climbing the walls.

In 2009, I'll never forget it. I was in my kitchen...about to head out on my commute to the job that was just one more job that was not aligned with who I was. I just looked up and I threw down my keys and I surrendered and I said, "All right, I'll get out of the way. " "This cannot be what you created me for. "

Weeks later, I was leveled with a case of viral pneumonia. During that time I got my clarity while I was recovering because it absolutely shut me down. It was an answer to my prayer. But, it certainly wasn't what I expected or what I hoped for.

Then, I left my high paying "traditional" job — which released me into a life free from the career chaos that I had been feeling and filled with the freedom to finally live as God intended.

Like I said...the first step is clarity — clarity about what you want, what you don't want, and just understanding how you got stuck in the first place.

Now my clarity came through a crisis. But my goal is to help you find clarity before a crisis or to even just help you through your crisis.

And for the record, you're not broken. You're far from broken. Think about it. You're feeling unsettled because deep down your soul is telling you there's more, that's not you being broken, that's you being ready for change. So listen to that and know you are not alone.


Clarity Week

July 18-22, 2022

Welcome + Alignment Challenge

Monday - 7:00am (ET)

☑️ Companies have job requirements. So should you! Define your requirements with the help of over 50+ prompts in 9 categories.

Values Exploration

Tuesday - 7:00am (ET)

☑️ Define and rank the personal values so critical to your core being.​ ⭐️ BONUS: Lunch Discussion: Workplace culture pre- and post-pandemic - 12noon

Implementation Day


💡Co-working Sessions - 12noon 💬 BONUS: Live Chat Event: Faith & Prayer (optional) - 7:00am

Bringing it all Together

Thursday - 7:00am (ET)

🧭 Your job requirements and values are clear. Next, we’ll help you bring them together to determine what it all means and what to plan for in your next move.

Ask us anything (Live Q&A)!

Friday - 7:00am (ET)

☑️ By the end of the week, your head and heart will have momentum and you’ll be ready to rethink (and even reinvent) how you make a living. You still may have some burning questions for us. We’ll be live answering them inside the group, just as we do inside the ALU membership each month.

The most common question that I'm getting is from people who are worried that they won't be able to make every live session. We have a lot of high performers in ALU and it looks like Clarity Week is going to be no exception. We're going to record everything, so don't worry, you do not need to be at every live session — but we hope you make as many as you can!

Also, most of these sessions are not on Zoom. They will be live streaming, instead. So I'll be on camera, but you do not have to be camera ready. Everyone can interact through chat.

I hope you'll commit to finding your clarity — with or without us.

The most important thing is to commit to doing this for yourself so you can move from feeling trapped to finally starting down a path to being unleashed.

If you're ready to do this together, sign up and I will see you early morning on the 18th!

Still not sure? Learn more here.

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