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How to survive holiday small talk when you hate your job

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

When you Hate Your Job at the Holidays

Here we go...

The holiday gatherings are coming. Time for the dreaded small talk. Everyone is going to ask what you've been up to this year. And, I bet half of them will ask about your job.

I know. I know. You don't want to be the "Debbie downer." But the truth is ... your job is eroding your soul. You even try to avoid talking about work as much as possible, because one of two thing is bound to happen:

  • They probe into why you're unhappy at work (and then they try to offer empty advice)

  • They start telling you why "it can't be so bad" and you're lucky to even have a job. Ugh.

Let me ask you this: Did you feel this same way a year ago? Did you get the same pit of dread in your stomach when asked about work? Does the career that made you proud years ago, now make you feel indifferent or even depressed?

I want you to know you're not alone. I was once there.

And, so many of our ALU members can identify with this feeling of "holiday hollowness."

Here's an idea for the weeks ahead.

Instead of circling around your uncertainty, start talking about how you're looking forward to making changes in the new year. How you've been unhappy in your career for a while but are ready to finally make a change. Admit you're not even sure what the changes will be. But, you're done settling for feeling unsettled. You may hate your job now...but you plan to change that in the year ahead.

Here's what happens when you start talking about next year:

  • You start committing to making real change by actually saying it out loud.

  • You start imagining your future, rather soaking in this year of misery, confusion and chaos.

  • You inspire others who may be feel trapped in their jobs or careers too.

Think about this same gathering a year from now. Will you still hate your job?

Imagine looking forward to talking about your new life. Imagine a feeling of hope and excitement, instead of dread. Imagine feeling proud of all you've accomplished in the year so far.

Are you ready to go from feeling trapped — to living and working on your own terms?

You don't have to do it alone. We're opening our doors again soon. Join our waitlist and be first in line to become part of the community that is taking these steps together.

When you hate your job, join our waitlist!

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