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Feeling disconnected from work?

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

It's a sad reality right now. People are just not feeling connected with their work and many say they feel trapped, lost or stuck. 85%, in fact, say they feel this way — hence this great resignation. But here's something to consider...

Organizational psychologist Frederick Herzberg created the motivation hygiene theory — essentially stating:

What makes people happy at work is what they do. What makes them unhappy at work is the situation in which they do it.

If this sounds like you, consider joining us here at A Life Unleashed, where we tackle this right out of the gate.

First, we help you identify exactly what it is about your work that's just not working.

Then, we help you define the ideal situation and environment for you so that you don't move from one awful work situation to another and feel trapped all over again.

And that's just where we start. There are new modules and live events every week where we tackle everything from facing fears to changing your career to what's uniquely marketable about your background and your experience.

So if you're feeling crazy — don't. Get the support you need by surrounding yourself with professionals who feel the same way, but are taking action. Together, every one of us learns, devises a plan and makes continued progress towards a life that's finally unleashed.

Join our waitlist as we help professionals who feel trapped rethink and reinvent how they make a living.

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