Q: I’m miserable and know I need to make a change. But I’m not certain about branching out on my own just yet. Will I have a place in this community or is it for entrepreneurs only?

A:  We designed the base Membership for those exploring their "why" — as well as their options. The coursework and discussion at this level is to help you determine the right path for you — whether that's as an employee or as an independent professional.

Q: I notice you talk a lot about God. Is it required that I be of a certain belief to join?

A: We do not expect members to participate or be of a certain belief to join. We do believe God is at the core of a life unleashed. You'll see Christian beliefs and godly principles woven throughout our community and courses. We only ask that you respect the beliefs of others and simply opt-out of certain exercises if they feel contrary to your beliefs. We find that members who come simply with an open heart and spirit benefit most from these exercises.


Q: I already work for myself but know I need to make changes to find more freedom. Is this community only for those still in corporate?

A: No way. Our membership includes both. Our foundational modules are designed for both employees and the self-employed. We’re also actively forming a Professional Membership Program and Mastermind groups specifically for the self-employed, as we “speak.” Interested? Request an invite.


Q: Do you offer refunds or guarantees? Can I cancel my membership?

A: Participation is key to a finding value in this community. We recommend active participation within the community for a solid 30-60 days. We recognize A Life Unleashed may not be for everyone. For that reason, you can cancel membership at any time before your next renewal date. Refunds for annual memberships will be pro-rated based on the monthly renewal cycle.

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