Clarity Week

Do you feel trapped in your job or career?

Not sure what you even want any more?


You’re numb. You’re unsettled.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.


There's a better life waiting for you—and it all starts with clarity.


$10. One Week. Infinite Clarity.

Join us and begin moving from feeling trapped
— to living and working on your own terms.


Come see what it’s like inside

our private community, A Life Unleashed.

  • Find clarity as you take on the Alignment Challenge

  • Feel empowered as you take ownership of the specific personal values so critical to your core being

  • Be inspired as you meet other professionals who feel the same way you do: trapped in their careers and ready to live and work on their own terms

  • Get motivated in live co-working sessions and Q&As

Our private platform is off social.

No lurkers. No ads. No distractions. No algorithms.

Best of all, no judgment. 

Just unrelenting support in breaking free from

living someone else's life and unleashing your own.

We’ve packed several weeks worth of content into this special week.

We’re so excited to invite you behind the scenes of our private community to see what it’s like. 
There’s no better way for you to decide if
A Life Unleashed is right for you.


What's Inside?

All times are Eastern Time and are subject to change. 
Recordings will be provided.

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Welcome + Alignment Challenge

Monday - 7:00am (ET)

☑️ Companies have job requirements. So should you! Define your requirements with the help of over 50+ prompts in 9 categories.


Values Exploration

Tuesday - 7:00am (ET)

☑️ Define and rank the personal values so critical to your core being.​

⭐️ BONUS: Lunch Discussion: Workplace culture pre- and post-pandemic - 12noon 

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Implementation Day

 💡Co-working Sessions - 12noon

 💬 BONUS: Live Chat Event: Faith & Prayer (optional) - 7:00am

Day 4.png

Bringing it all Together

Thursday - 7:00am (ET)

 🧭 Your job requirements and values are clear. Next, we’ll help you bring them together to determine what it all means and what to plan for in your next move.


Ask us anything (Live Q&A)!

Friday - 7:00am (ET)

☑️ By the end of the week, your head and heart will have momentum and you’ll be ready to rethink (and even reinvent) how you make a living. You still may have some burning questions for us. We’ll be live answering them inside the group, just as we do inside the ALU membership each month.

All Sessions are Live!

Don't worry if you can't make every live event during the week!
You will have access to all the recordings and materials through the end of July.


Questions? Contact us and let's chat!

Hi there! I'm Deana.

Throughout my career, I’ve successfully helped countless professionals escape jobs or careers that were confining and suffocating.


After all, I had been down that same road. I was trapped in a series of jobs that were quite literally eroding my soul.

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In 2009, after recovering from yet another round of viral pneumonia (my health suffered for decades), I left my high-paying "traditional" job – which released me into a life free from corporate chaos and filled with the freedom to finally live as God intended. I first ventured out as consultant, quickly expanded into a business, hired contractors and have been thriving as an agency owner ever since. Did I have to make sacrifices along the way? Yup. Is every day easy? Nope. Is it all worth it? Absolutely. My worst day as an independent professional is still light years better than my best day as a cog in the “conventional job” wheel.


Since my escape, I’ve coached countless professionals as they navigate their own toxic careers. For some, I help them become empowered employees — owning what matters to them and drawing new boundaries. For others, I help them move into new independence as freelancers, consultants and business owners. I’ve even coached executives in the art of breaking away from conventional career-thinking so they can reinvent how they choose to make a living.


Recently, I took the mission-critical things I learned over the years and packaged them for an inaugural group to test. The goal was to see whether a program could help launch professionals onto new paths that were no longer soul-sucking, but life giving.


And it worked.


Not only are our founding members successfully transitioning to career freedom, they’re helping each other in the process. Different industries. Different skills. Different paths. But, they all share one common goal: creating a life that’s finally unleashed. Together, they're unleashing new health, new spirituality, new drive and new purpose.


From July 22-25, we’re opening our membership back up to the public. But first, we're offering Clarity Week as a way to gain momentum ahead of time and get a feel for what life is like inside our ALU community.


It’s going to be powerful — and fun! I can’t wait to see you inside.

Don't miss out on your chance to move from feeling trapped
— to living and working on your own terms.