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Clarity Week Replay






Do you feel trapped in your job or career?

Not sure what you even want any more?


You’re numb. You’re unsettled.

But, it doesn’t have to be this way.


There's a better life waiting for you—and it all starts with clarity.



One week.

Infinite clarity as you start 2023.

Join us and begin moving from feeling trapped
— to living and working on your own terms.

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Clarity Week
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Let's make last year the last year

you felt stuck, lost and hopeless

about your job.

  • Find clarity about what you want and why you feel stuck in the first place.

  • Feel empowered as you take ownership of the specific personal values so critical to your core being

  • Be inspired as you meet other professionals who feel the same way you do: trapped in their careers and ready to live and work on their own terms

  • Get motivated with live streams, recorded modules, co-working sessions and Q&As

  • Find out if membership inside the supportive community of ALU is right for you.

Our private platform is off social.

No lurkers. No ads. No distractions. No algorithms.

Best of all, no judgment. 

Just unrelenting support in breaking free from

living someone else's life and unleashing your own.

We’ve packed several weeks worth of content into this special week.

We’re so excited to invite you behind the scenes of our private community to see what it’s like. 
There’s no better way for you to decide if
A Life Unleashed is right for you.

Watch Video


OMG. I'm not crazy.

"I wanted to just cry listening to today's recording, as I finally feel validated and no longer feel like I am going crazy or alone in my feelings about my current career and job. I have been struggling even more this past year and have often questioned why I feel this way, and what is wrong, and trying to find answers. I think God directed me here at his perfect time."

Clarity is the perfect word for this.

"Clarity Week has really made me think about my wants and needs. I don't have all the answers yet, but I'm finding myself looking through a new set of (clearer) lenses!"

Exactly what I needed.

"I needed this more than you know. The timing of Clarity Week was perfect for me. Lots still stirring in me...but when your soul is pushed far beyond its's time for a change. I am so grateful to have ALU as a support group through all this and to be surrounded those who think and feel similarly."

Comments from Last Clarity Week
The values exercise blew my mind.

"Amazing when you really sit and digest your current state in the company you work for and compare it to your values and what you really want. The variance astounds me. But now I can see it from a vantage point I've never had before."

No more doubting myself

"Where was this all these years when I was doubting myself and questioning my own sanity? I'm definitely continuing beyond this week. I need this continued perspective to keep me afloat as I look ahead to some major career changes."

Whoa. That was powerful.

"One thing that stuck the most from today's online discussion is: Never let anyone gaslight you into a career you shouldn’t get into or stay in. Loved that! Can't wait to see what we dive into tomorrow. I finally feel like I'm hanging out with people who just 'get me.'"

What's Inside?

Please note: Live attendance on live streams is NOT required to find true clarity this week. They are fun and a positive way to start your day, but not required.

All times are
Eastern Time and are subject to change. 
Recordings will be provided.

Orginally Recorded:
January 16-20, 2023



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 🎥 Part 1: Alignment Video + Worksheet 

Companies have job requirements. So should you!

Define your requirements with the help of over 50+ prompts in 9 categories.

🎉 Bonus Live Stream: Kickoff to Clarity!

Recorded for replay

Live streams are optional but oh-so fun!

Bring your coffee and get your week off to a great start!






 🎥 Part 2: Values Video + Worksheet 

Define and rank the personal values so critical to your core being.​

 ⭐️ Bonus Live Stream: The Unleashed Mindset

Recorded for replay

Hear from Angela – an accomplished professional who is going from an all-consuming, unfulfilling career to an exciting unleashed path. She's so inspiring!



day 3.png



 🙏 7am ET Live Faith & Prayer Optional. Due to the highly personal nature of this call, this live event that will not be recorded.

🕛  7pm ET - Group Discussion: Alignment and Values + Live Q&A 


☀️Get-'er-Done Day (a.k.a. "Do your homework!")

Catch-Up Day




Day 4.png



 🎥 Part 3: Bringing it All Together Video + Worksheet

 Your job requirements and values are clear. Now, we’ll help you bring them together to determine what it all means and what to plan for in your next move.

⭐️ Bonus Live Stream: Bringing it All Together + A Member's View

Recorded for replay

Meet Aly - who was trapped in a "safe' career that was sucking the life out of her. A year later, she's living an unleashed life as she creates her own path. She's amazing and is such a beautiful part of ALU's community!







Clarity Week comes to a close.

⭐️ Live Stream: Your Unleashed Success Path

Recorded for replay

Whether you're through the modules or not (you can tackle at your own pace), come join us as we walk through the full unleashed success path. Learn how you can you navigate your path to getting unleashed for life!

Clarity Week Schedule

Hi there! I'm Deana.

Throughout my career, I’ve successfully helped countless professionals escape jobs or careers that were confining and suffocating.


After all, I had been down that same road. I was trapped in a series of jobs that were quite literally eroding my soul.

Copy of I was climbing the ladder. But, I was also climbing the walls.png

In 2009, after recovering from yet another round of viral pneumonia (my health suffered for decades), I left my high-paying "traditional" job – which released me into a life free from corporate chaos and filled with the freedom to finally live as God intended. I first ventured out as consultant, quickly expanded into a business, hired contractors and have been thriving as an agency owner ever since. Did I have to make sacrifices along the way? Yup. Is every day easy? Nope. Is it all worth it? Absolutely. My worst day as an independent professional is still light years better than my best day as a cog in the “conventional job” wheel.


Since my escape, I’ve coached countless professionals as they navigate their own toxic careers. For some, I help them become empowered employees — owning what matters to them and drawing new boundaries. For others, I help them move into new independence as freelancers, consultants and business owners. I’ve even coached executives in the art of breaking away from conventional career-thinking so they can reinvent how they choose to make a living.


Recently, I took the mission-critical things I learned over the years and packaged them for an inaugural group to test. The goal was to see whether a program could help launch professionals onto new paths that were no longer soul-sucking, but life giving.


And it worked.


Not only are our founding members successfully transitioning to career freedom, they’re helping each other in the process. Different industries. Different skills. Different paths. But, they all share one common goal: creating a life that’s finally unleashed. Together, they're unleashing new health, new spirituality, new drive and new purpose.


For a limited time, we’re opening our membership back up to the public. But first, we're offering Clarity Week as a way to gain momentum ahead of time and get a feel for what life is like inside our ALU community.


It’s going to be powerful — and fun! I can’t wait to see you inside.

Don't miss out on your chance to move from feeling trapped
— to living and working on your own terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I can't make all the live sessions? A: Good news! The learning modules are pre-recorded and ready when you are, starting on January 16. We provide a suggested schedule for the week, but you can work at any pace you choose and even extend beyond the week itself if you need more time. The BONUS live sessions are great if you can make them. But, if you can’t, you’ll have unlimited, lifetime access to all the video replays and materials.

Q: How much time will this take? A: This 5-day program requires a about 1 hour a day to gain traction towards getting unstuck from your current bad-fit job or career. Bonus live streams and live events are encouraged but optional. We also encourage you to spend time inside the community, participating in polls, online discussions and more. Time will vary. The more you show up, the more you'll get out of it!

Q: Where will Clarity Week take place? A: All live community, streams, recordings and worksheets will be on the private ALU space. Our space is 100% off-social – this is for privacy and to keep our participant base free of social ick. A link to create your account will be sent prior to the start date.

Q: Is this some kind of sales pitch? My time is valuable. ​ A: Nope. While we will offer discounted access to our larger course and community, we are transparent about the fact that this is a taste test. Our primary objective is to get you clarity that you can take with you – regardless of whether you join us long-term or not.

Q: I notice you talk a lot about God. Is it required that I be of a certain belief to join? ​ A: We do not expect participants to be of a certain belief to join. We *do* believe God is at the core of a life that's truly unleashed. You'll see Christian beliefs and godly principles woven throughout our community and content. We only ask that you respect the beliefs of others and simply opt-out of certain threads if they feel contrary to your beliefs. We find that those who come with an open heart and spirit benefit most.

Q: Is ALU about selling stuff or recruting customers? A: Gosh no! Let's be clear. ALU is not an MLM or a one-size-fits-all solution. ALU helps people get out from under toxic career cycles with step-by-step guidance and support. Period. No hidden agenda here.

Q: How is Clarity Week different than ALU's membership? A: Clarity Week is focused on a very specific set of modules included in our larger program. We offer Clarity Week as a taste test of what our members experience inside ALU. Go to to see more about our longer-term program and membership.

Q: Do you offer refunds or guarantees? Can I cancel? A: Participation is key to a finding value in Clarity Week. However, if you find you have a conflict ahead of the event, let us know within 48 hours and we'll cancel your access. Due to the digital nature of ALU, we do not offer guarantees or refunds beyond cancellation.

Still Have Questions? 

No problem! Just send us a note at

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